Monday, January 08, 2007

Political Quiz day here at the VRWC

World's Shortest Political Quiz scores me as 100% Libertarian.

A political quiz written in 1994 from USAWeekend puts me at 25 on a 0 to 40 point scale, equal with George H.W. Bush.


Blogger Eric Dondero said...

Here's another political quiz:

10 questions. Fast and fun. Find out how pro- or anti-freedom you are.

Also, includes celebrities to compare.

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Blogger jacklegs said...

I bought my first VCR, yesterday, to record the 1st Democrat debate. After the 1-800 tech support kid walked me through the set up, to test the machine, I threw in an old, unmarked VHS tape that had been gathering dust, from house to house, on a shelf for years.

It was me getting interviewed as a candidate for president, on local TV in Buffalo, NY; that followed by the 30 minute speech in New Hampshire, 1988. In the New Hampshire speech I displayed some pages from the Television Scripture, stated I sought the nomination of both parties, referred to my Television Scripture as a "Vehicle for World Peace," and read out loud the passage that was / is an exact, explicit description of the global warming and the arctic ice caps melting. Cool! Or should I say hot.

I am going to see about transferring the VHS tape onto DVD and then I am going to make it into a video pod cast. Everyone - all the blabberific talking heads want candidate Mike Gravel "off" the demo debate team. But he was the best. He made sense. I am going to invite him to join my kitchen cabinet. I invite you to visit where you will see my software for teaching kids the alphabet and numbers, along with "New World Hors D'oeuvres," my recently published book, with the Exit Strategy out of Iraq, available for reading on the site.

The last time I sent articles for publication to newspapers, fb-eye knocked on my back door, waving the email. Hopefully this posting is under their radar. My building manager admitted to me they had come to him to see about they getting an advance copy of New World Hors D'oeuvres. In conclusion: It has been recently reported that fb-eye conducted 120,000 (illegal) 'name checks' over a two year period.

The issue is: where did they get the names to check? Upon election I intend on publishing their list, excluding the half dozen people who probably needed a look at. Was the Virginia Tech psychopath on their list? This is Michael Stephen Levinson (Google me for the campaign 2000 repository).

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